Youth leader Gagan Thapa meets physically-challenged people

People with disability
People with disabilities

In a meeting with Gagan Thapa, the members of the Constituent Assembly (CA) and a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee, showed good symptoms to fulfill the political rights of the people living with disabilities.

Some team leaders of the disability sector visited Gagan Thapa with some demanding points. Team is focused to¬†include the disabilities’ political rights in the upcoming constitution with highlights. Not only that, they also suggested to make people living with disability rightful and their rights should be preserved in the new constitution.

Gagan Thapa with the people with disabilities
Gagan Thapa with the people with disabilities

In the discussion, Gagan Thapa strongly favored in demands of the people living with disability. He said, “I will discuss with other major political leaders about the disability case to include it in the new constitution.”

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