Sony hack reveals hollywood actors’ fake identities

Sony hacked by GOP
Sony hacked by GOP

As Christmas nears, the news is shrinking, except for Sony … Things could hardly get worse since the firm was the victim of a massive piracy. The concern is that this is not just Sony that is subject to these attacks, the employees of the firm are odious threats GoP Group: Your family will be in danger.”

Sony is under the control of a broad attack that allowed hackers to steal thousands of sensitive data, from email addresses to secret financial data, including the salaries of upper echelons of the company. However, leaders are not the only concern, employees can also be biting blood. First, 47,000 social security number was been disclosed on the Internet, but more importantly, their families and themselves are now under the control of threats. Scott Rudin thinks that actress Angelina Jolie is a minimally talented spoiled brat.

Claim by the Guardians of Peace, an email with questionable spelling was sent to some of the employees, and it is frankly reassuring:

What we have done so far is only part of our plan. You are mistaken if you think that this crisis will end shortly. All hope will leave you and Sony Pictures will collapse. This is entirely the fault of Sony. They will be responsible for whatever the outcome. They cling to things that are not good for anybody from the beginning. It is foolish to believe that they can escape.”

Some of the fake identities revealed by GoP are:

Daniel Craig:- Olwen Williams

Tom Hanks:- Harry Lauder

Sarah Michelle Gellar:- Neely O’Hara

Tobey Maguire:- Neil Deep.

Ice Cube:- Darius Stone

Rob Schneider:- Nazzo Good

Natalie Portman:- Laura Brown.

Taye Diggs:- Scott Diggs

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