Priyanka Chopra, a former colorism victim in US becomes a millionaire

Priyanka Chopa reached 10 million followers
Priyanka Chopa reached 10 million followers

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra has reached 10 million followers on Twitter. She expressed her happiness with her fans after crossing ten million followers. She tweeted, “10 million reasons why I feel so loved! 10 million reasons why I’m the luckiest! #10MillionPCmaniacs thanku u so much!”

Her competitor Deepika Padukone’s follower is just six lakh ahead than hers. Priyanka updates her Twitter comparatively more than other actress.

Currently, she’s in her career’s pick point. She faced color discrimination in America during her childhood. She reached US at the age of 12 for her studies. During the period she confronted with various problems. While giving an interview to BBC, she stated that due to color discrimination she was compelled to return to India.

Now as her singing career is popularity mounting, she’s widely getting a new identity as a singer. She’s also acting In Hollywood TV Series as a FBI member.

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