Pomegranate benefits

Pomegranate benefits
Pomegranate benefits

Pomegranate is a super healthy fruit. Its outer layer is more beneficial than the fruit inside. Not only the fruit, its tree is also full of medicinal properties. World’s indigenous people use pomegranate as a herbal medicine. Pomegranate contains fibre, potassium, vitamin K, B vitamins and vitamin C.

Health benefits of pomegranate:

– Anti-oxidants present in pomegranate cures aging problems.
– Mixture of pomegranate leaves juice and ginger juice cures stomach ache.
– Helps to increase s*xual stamina.
– Cures mouth sores and facial rash. Cleaning face with boiled pomegranate leaves prevents swelling and bad breath.
– Regular consumption of pomegranate increases and maintains blood level.
– Prevents breast, prostate and colon cancer.
– Maintains blood pressure.

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