Pneumonia treatment, symptoms and prevention


A disease caused by bacteria, unseen by naked eyes, affecting respiratory system all of a sudden is known as pneumonia. It mainly affect lungs, along with nose and ears.

During pneumonia mostly children get common cold. Sometimes it can also cause from flu. Yearly thousands of children below age of 5 die because of it.

Home treatment of Pneumonia:
– Keep the baby warm.
– Breast-feed the child time to time.
– Dip a clean tissue in salt-water and clean the baby’s nose.
– In-case of cough, give the baby honey, ginger juice, boiled water with basil leaves, and turmeric powder.
– If the baby is above six months then feed him repeatedly with more fluid-rich foods.

Take the child to clinic under below conditions:
– The baby is breathing fast.
– The baby is unable to eat anything.
– The baby can’t breast-feed.
– The baby is below two-months and is suffering from fever.
– The baby is malnourished.

Measures to prevent Pneumonia:
– Keep the baby away from dust and kerosene gas.
– Keep the baby away from cigarette smoke.
– Keep the baby in warm but well-ventilated room.
– Breast-feed the baby till six months. After that feed with more nourishing and fresh foods along with mother’s milk
– Don’t let the baby play on dirt.
– Dress him/her according to the weather.

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