A man with two penises; a woman with two vaginas

Woman with two vaginas
Girl with two vaginas

Hazel Jones of US is the only woman on earth with two vaginas. She knew that her genital was different from others during her first menstruation. This is one in a million condition known as ‘uterus didelphys’. She has double cervix and uterus.

She went to a physician after her first long time serious boyfriend told her that her genital was ‘different’. She is happy with the fact that she has two vaginas and lost her virginity twice.

Vivid production, a U.S. adult film production company recently offered her $1 million to star in a porn movie. She declined the offer and said she would never consider starring in such role ever.

Boy with two penises
Man with two penises

We have heard unnatural births. Some people are born with minor difference but few with shocking difference. A few years back, a woman with two uterus was discovered. Likewise, a man with a similar condition with two penises has posted his pictures on social medias. Without disclosing his name, he wrote his 67 page autobiography.

According to the guy, he has two testicles like other men. Both the penises can arouse simultaneously. At the same time he can have sex with one penis and pee with other.

He once had threesome with a man and a woman. He further claimed that he has already had sexual intercourse with more than thousand men and women

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