How to get rid of acne fast overnight

Get rid of pimple
Get rid of acne

Acne normally occurs at teenage years. Over-activeness of glands present beneath hair follicles causes acne. Youths are very concerned about acne on their face.

Acne occur due to various reasons:

– Effect of beverage
– High s*x desire
– Growth in hormone in teenage
– Due to stomach problem
– Problem in menstruation
– Dirty skin
– Due to different creams
– Excessive intake of oiled foods
– Lack of blood
– Extreme masturbation
– Lack of vitamin A

How to get rid of acne/pimple:

To prevent acne avoid oily foods, sleep 8-9 hours daily, eat more greens, drink lots of water and stay relaxed. Don’t squeeze it with nails. Wash face with warm water and take hot steam before going to bed. We can also apply different types of anti-acne/pimple creams for quick treatment.

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