How to burn fat/obesity (loose weight fast)

Loss weight
Burn fat

Bad diet and daily rush has shown lot of obesity problems. Specially increased stomach problems is irritating more. Awareness in daily consumption foods can be it’s solution.

Let’s know some domestic measures to kill fat:

1) Drinking lemon juice in the morning is the best way to reduce stomach fat.

2) Stop using rice as a food, wheat is considered as the best alternative. Stay away from candies/sweets. Similarly, avoid many of the fatty substance.

3) Drink lots of water. Drinking water time to time helps reduce the toxin present in our body.

4) Eating 2,3 raw garlic on a daily basis along with warm lemon water also helps in reducing stomach fat.

5) Possibly, reduce consumption of meat items.

6) Take lot of fruits. If possibly, eat fruits in the morning and evening. It helps to fulfill antioxidant, minerals and vitamins requirements of our body.

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