Nature and fate of a person by birthday horoscope

Nature and fate by birth day
Nature and fate by birth day astrology

Astrology determines person’s nature and fate by birth day. Let’s have a look by each birth day.

Men:  People born on Sunday tend to be lucky. They live long. They speak less and are ahead in art and education. People born in this day also have religious faith and try their best to keep their family members happy. However, they suffer between the age 20 to 22.

Women: Women born on Sunday are big-hearted, love helping less fortunate, powerful and smart.

Men: People born on Monday have sweet voice. Such individual’s life is of equal happiness and sorrow because they feel both similar. They are talent, skilled in art and brave. Such individual may suffer from respiratory disease at ages 9,12 and 27.

Women: Monday born women are beautiful. These women have polite voice, peace lover and can be a mother of a son.

Men: Usually Tuesday born people are rich. They have fierce behavior. For that reason, people tend to be upset with them. They may suffer from skin disease. Happiness and sorrow comes and goes time to time.

Women: Tuesday born women are hard hearted and show less love and pity towards others. They are physically thin and mostly aggressive.

Men: Wednesday porn people are of religious mind. They have sweetness in speech. They suffer at ages 8 and 22.

Women: Wednesday born women have interest in a particular area, receive achievement in that and will become expertise. Due to the blessing of goddess Saraswati they are beautiful and good humored.

Men: People born on Thursday are scholar and mighty. They suffer many ups and downs in life.  But they are courageous. People associated with them will be happy. They will suffer crisis at ages 7, 12, 13, 16 and 30.

Women: Thursday born women receive higher education and are perfect in all aspects.

Men: Friday born individual have pleasant nature. They are intelligent and soft hearted. They are hobbyists and will suffer at ages 20 and 24.

Women: Friday born women are of fickle type. They love to crack jokes and have fun. They will be honored by family and society. Some are black but still beautiful.

Men: These individual have interest in the field of agriculture business or technologies. Childhood can be painful for them. They won’t be satisfied with siblings. They suffer at ages 20, 25 and 45.

Women: Saturday born women are thin, slim and tall. Usually these women are black. They complain a lot about others.

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