Bindu Pariyar’s photo and hidden truth

Bindu Pariyar
Bindu Pariyar

Bindu Pariyar is a stripper and dancer based in the US. She was born and raised in Kaski, Nepal. An American guy named Tom S. fell in love with her and brought her to the US.

Tom said that Bindu fooled him for a visa. He was aware that she was a slut but didn’t know that she was a whore too. Tom further added that he wants her to become very famous so that she can’t return to her home in Nepal. Tom also requested one of our staffs on Facebook to share p*rn photos and videos of her.

However, Bindu said a completely different story. According to her, Tom forced her into prostitution. Bindu’s family was very poor and Tom financially supported her whole family and her education till high school. Bindu also mentioned that she’s no more in this adult industry and she’s working and studying her a*s out to become a nurse.

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