Benefits of garlic

Benefits of eating garlic
Health benefits of garlic

We use garlic during cooking. Many people use it due to it’s flavor rather than it’s advantages. Besides vegetables, garlic is also suitable for using as a medicine. It’s good to know some benefits of garlic which can be beneficial in the future. Also, it can be utilized to avoid current problems.

1. Extreme fever – Cooking garlic with butter or oil and drinking it lowers fever.
2. Heart disease – Take one or two piece of a garlic, fry it with butter and have it during meal.
3. Body swelling – Having one or two piece of a garlic cooked with oil and eating it in an empty stomach in the morning treats swelling.
4. Stomach ache – Ten to thirty drops of a garlic juice benefits. Start with ten drops and gradually increase up-to thirty.
5. Nightfall – Chew one piece of a raw garlic. It treats nightfall and increases arousal.
6. Inner pain – Take a garlic juice with salt and massage it in your your invisible pain area.
7. Increases semen – Take one piece of a garlic and cook it with butter until it turns red. Have it for about a month with milk pudding. It throws off impotence and also heals arthritis.
8. Hair sore – Apply a grinded garlic in head. It relieves hair pain instantly.
9. Lizard’s venom – Garlic eaten with dried mango destroys poison effect.
10. Swollen tongue/ tongue hives – Applying grinded garlic on tongue treats tongue hives.
11. Wipe wound – Applying grinded garlic on wounded areas helps cure wounds.
12. Ear pain – Apply garlic leaves juice or oil-cooked garlic on ears to relieve ear pain.
13. Devoid of hunger – On an empty stomach take one piece of garlic with water. It will make you hungry and digest foods.

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