A girl who writes with both hands and feet

A girl who writes with boths hands and legs
A girl who writes with both hands and feet

North Chinese province Hebei’s Chen Siyuan has a strange ability. Translator Siyuan can write with both hands and feet at the same time. Not only that, she can even write two different languages simultaneously.  Two years back, she was famous with her ability to write Chinese with one hand and English with the other hand.

She further progressed and now she can also write with her feet. English graduate Siyuan likes to write poetry. She can write two types of sentence at once. According to Siyuan, such activity requires high level focus and it’s tiring. She expects that her ability can bring a new outcome in education and scientific research.

Siyuan found her such capacity while trying to finish English homework. She said, “When i was at secondary level, in an attempt to finish homework quickly I unknowingly started to write with both hands. Her some curious friends tried to imitate her skill but all failed. Gradually she was discussed in her city, province and throughout the world.

According to doctors, her left-to-right brain connector is more developed than normal people. Chen, (which means “more thoughtful”) developed this skill with continuous effort.


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